About Mythborn

“A rousing epic in which supernatural beings threaten the world of their own creators… Ambitious, colorful and highly readable…”

—Kirkus Reviews

Mythborn is an award-winning epic dark fantasy following three teens in a coming of age story set in the unique fantasy world of Edyn, a place where forgotten technology is now considered magic.

Mythborn uses familiar fantasy tropes to guide the reader to new innovative ideas, taking a genre plagued with tired formulaic ‘ultimate bad guys’ and invigorating it with a new question: What if you find out you will be sacrificed? What moral lines will you cross to survive? This paints a more complex structure than just good or evil, as characters must wrestle with their own values in a world painted in shades of gray. What they choose may make them good to some, evil to others.

This, combined with the author’s forty-year expertise as a hand-to-hand combat specialist, lends the world of Mythborn an undeniably unique flavor, as moral uncertainty and brutal lethality create tension and suspense. Fantasy readers have embraced this paradigm of, ‘don’t get too comfortable with your favorite characters surviving’ as Game of Thrones so aptly demonstrates.

Initially launched in early 2013 as a small indie book title on Amazon’s KDP and planned as a trilogy, Mythborn 1 & 2 garnered immediate fan praise and overwhelmingly positive reviews. Soon it began winning industry awards for its well-conceived characters, realistic combat, and its unique take on traditional fantasy elements.

Due to this success, the Mythborn series was pulled from ‘indie’ distribution in Q1 2017 and re-conceived as a 5-book series to be launched starting in Q1 2018. The author teamed up with professional editing talent to add details, ‘cut the fat’, rework the pacing and storyline, and give the entire effort polish. The result is a more streamlined story packing the same incredible punch while maintaining its nimble pace.

The author is V. Lakshman, a veteran of the games industry, a serial entrepreneur, and a specialist in new IP creation. His skills include 30 years of proven production and leadership experience creating over 85 titles on AAA Console, PC, Handheld, Casual, iOS, Social, Educational, and MMO games across multiple platforms. His titles have sold millions of units worldwide, and generated +$1B in lifetime revenues.

Because of Lakshman’s background, the Mythborn franchise was conceived from the ground up to be easily translatable to video games and other forms of interactive entertainment across all platforms. Mythborn has been written to be the anchor IP for a AAA games studio, just like the first RPG he ever designed, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, which was the genesis for one of the most successful RPG franchises to date. Treatments for Mythborn will also be created for live action and animated television and films.

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