Continuing the award-winning epic of a world where faith and dreams become reality, Mythborn 3 follows Masters Silbane and Kisan, the young blade-master Ash, and Princess Yetteje as they journey into the ethereal realm Arcadia, home to the goddess known as Lady Lilyth and her Aeris Furies.

They search for Silbane’s lost apprentice, Arek, and the prince of Bara’cor, Niall, as the two explore Arcadia for clues to the mystery of Arek’s origin. Is Arek the son of Lady Lilyth, as she claims?

Arrayed against Lilyth and her Aeris forces are the warforged elves of the ancient archmage, Valarius Galadine. Because of the beliefs of the people of Edyn, Valarius has become more god than man, and prepares to wage a cataclysmic war to eradicate the Aeris once and for all.

Silbane uses his gift of dragon-sight, hoping to find his wayward apprentice before it’s too late. Kisan has other orders – kill Arek before he can destroy the world with the blackfire, even if that means killing Silbane too.

Who does Arek trust? The demon queen claiming to be his mother, the masters ordered to kill him, or the elven archmage-turned-god who will wreak havoc upon Edyn?

Arek must uncover the truth from behind the lies and unlock his full potential as an adept, or he and his friends will never escape the demon realm of Arcadia alive.


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Launch date16th July 2019

GenreEpic Dark Fantasy

Published ByNoble Sun Press



Arek moved quickly to his left, his loose-fitting, brown uniform soaking in the warmth of the afternoon sun. His feet barely made a sound as he circled his opponent, who had for her part, remained motionless. Master Kisan’s eyes tracked him like a snake poised to strike, her body slowly twisting at the waist. At some point he knew he should attack, but she was as famous at countering as Arek was at charging in.
He kept circling, knowing she would have to move her rear foot to keep him in view, or twist herself all the way around and reverse her stance. The change would mean losing him visually for a moment. That would be his opening.
When she reversed her stance to bring her other hand up, he leapt into action. His body arrowed in, leading with a kick then two strikes in rapid succession. His opponent blocked the kick and moved in close to jam his punches. At that moment Arek had the distinct impression she’d known what he’d intended.
Then her ridge hand strike came out in a slow and easy to block counter. He unconsciously slowed to match the master’s pace. A sudden blinding strike left his vision swimming and he felt the ground hit his cheek. When had he fallen?
Master Silbane’s voice sounded like it came from a tunnel, hollow and tired. Arek found himself prostrate. The ache in his forehead and nape of his neck told him he’d been felled by a wrist or knuckle strike to the back of his skull, though with Master Kisan it could just as easily have been a hook kick. He shook away the stars, causing him to wince, then sat up, angry at himself.
“What are you waiting for?” Master Silbane asked. “These are basic techniques. There’s no magic. If there were, I would teach it to you and save myself years of frustration.”
“Yes, Master,” he intoned automatically. No magic moves? Of course, there were. He’d seen all the adepts do more than a normal person could. He silently got up and shook himself off. Then he took his stance and faced Master Kisan again.
She smirked, a glint in her eye betraying her inner laughter, clearly directed at him. Anger boiled up and without a second thought he attacked, jumping in with a snap kick and then a combination of punches and kicks, forcing the master to follow a rhythm of alternating up and down strikes.
Kisan blocked them all easily, spinning past him on the ball of her foot and delivering a back kick to his short ribs. The blow wasn’t hard, but hard enough to make him hold his ribs with one hand while wheezing out his next breath. The master assumed her stance again, waiting.
Arek took a deep breath, clearing the stitch from his side, and with the same breath striving to clear his mind. Then he attacked with a combination of rapid punches. This time, he kept alert, watching her breathing.
Every time she blocked, he could hear her softly exhale, her breath flowing with her moves in perfect harmony. Still, not everything was perfect. Concentrating, Arek shifted his strikes to fall off tempo, like a drummer missing the beat. The sudden asynchrony threw her timing off; her nostrils flared slightly, the sign of an unexpected indrawn breath. That was his moment, and he took it. He doubled up his last attack, throwing two right-hand punches instead of alternating hands.
Her eyes widened and for a moment he thought he’d caught her. It was the merest hesitation but Arek knew it was real. He couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride.
His hubris was rewarded; she slipped under his second strike. A tight right hook caught him on the point of his chin. When he awoke, he was on his back with Master Silbane looking down at him.
“Did I win?” he asked, his attempt at humor sounding rather when it came out, even to himself.
“It has occurred to me that I could dress you in towels and save time cleaning the ring,” replied his master, without smiling.



The book is excellent, with good pacing, solid solid characters who each follow their hearts and act only on what they know at the time. Very “real” characters. I loved the quotes from various sources as the beginning to each chapter… Even printed a few out and have them on my bulletin board at work as motivational type pieces. Much of the book involves a clearly deep understanding of unarmed combat which shows in excellently “visual” depictions of fights–this is hugely difficult to do well… Don’t believe me? Try it–write out a description of a fistfight/UFC style fight and see how it turns out! Not so easy… See?

Bottom line for every book and review is this–would you recommend others purchase and read this book… Yes! I highly recommend it, do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in this world!

Amazon Reviews

A great book- hard to believe that this is the debut novel for the VL. A complex story and a great magic system. Story which takes its origins from some of the oldest cultures around the world and no doubt well researched by the author. I always enjoy reading how a fight and combat is described. Will Wight did a great job in the House of Blades series, Robert Jordan of course is legendary in the Wheel of Time series and i enjoyed that aspect of the novel very much.

The story gradually unfolds, the characters get developed and there is enough complexity around the characters, their motivations and actions to keep it interesting. I highly recommend this book to fans of Fantasy Fiction lovers. You will not be disappointed.

Amazon Reviews

I love reading tolkein, heinlein, sun tzu, rommel, and also practicing martial arts… Mythborn delivers on all fronts!!! The story seems to me to be a instant epic in the making – as the author weaves a compelling tapestry of fantasy, sci-fi, military science, martial arts, and a double dose of adventure and mystery. Thank you!

Amazon Reviews

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